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Homemade book point

If you want to make your own book/page marking points, the following ideas can be very useful to you. You can customize them in the way you like and give it a more formal or fun touch. It is also a super easy to do craft with children and it will help to encourage your reading habit. Want to see ideas to make an original homemade book point?

Rubber eva

Eva rubber is a very easy material to handle to make crafts, which is why it will be very easy to make the next page point
. We propose to use it to create different monsters, characters or animals and place them using a tab on the pages of you
r books. To do this you only have to cut a rectangle, and with the help of a cutter or scissors trim a tab long enough for it to enter on the page. Then decorate it with permanent markers or adhesives, fabrics and other materials. You can create different models very cheaply and leave one in each book you've started.

Book point with legs

For this page mark you will have to cut with a cutter the legs of some plastic figure of the dolls that you have at home. Once you've done so, crack the cutter at the top and insert a rectangular cardboard into that space. Ready! Once you put the cardboard between the pages and close the book, the legs will hang out and give the impression that there is a little person in the book.

Bookmarks with clips

The following proposals are very easy to make and useful. For the first one you will simply need to paste a button/slope or other small object to the top of the clip using silicone or glue. Once dry, insert the clip into the page, it will be well fixed and with a beautiful bo
ok point. The second is to place a piece of fabric tied to the clip and let the tapes hang outside the book or paste colored duct tape as seen in the photograph. You will have a fast and very effective book point!

Ice cream or wooden sticks

This material is very useful for making book points. Simply paint them with permanent markers or paint, let it dry and decorate them with buttons, wool, etc
. If you make animals, you can use buttons to simulate the nose, eva rubber for the ears or legs, and eye-shaped stickers.
You can also choose to place cotton pom poms or balls on the tip of the stick so that when you close the book these are left on the outside.

Which craft did you like the most? What are your favorite books? Leave us your opinion in comments!

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