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Naturally soothe cramps and menstrual pains

If in each period you suffer colic or other menstrual pains this post is for you. Next we will give you some tricks to make your rule more bearable and you can alleviate those discomforts. Take note, they will be of great use to you! And don't forget to share these home remedies with all those companions or family members who are going through the same thing. Let's help each other!

Don't miss out on the best tips for ending menstrual pain:

  • Maintain good hydration and incorporate infusions as the main drink. Nothing better than a good hot ginger infusion or chamomile! Both components are anti-inflammatory and decrease the pains and spasms created by the detachment of the endometrium in the uterus.
  • Take a hot shower to soothe muscle aches and relax. You can also opt for the mat or hot water bag in your lower back and ovaries.
  • If you feel pain in the "kidney" and paravertebral area, grab a tennis ball and massage with it. To do this, rest your back on the wall and put the ball between you and the wall. Then you see moving the body and resting your weight on it to increase the pressure in the area. You'll notice immediate relief!
  • Eat lentils and vegetables during those days, as well as meat in case you're not a vegetarian. Avoid heavy or heavy meals. Also inc
    orporate in your breakfasts or cinnamon snacks, it will soothe the colic quickly.
  • Move your body! Sometimes we need a little relaxation these days, but doing some exercise will help you lessen menstrual pains super effectively. Try it and tell us in comments!

Do you know any other tricks? You can share it with all of us at the end of this post to learn from it! Thank you so much for reading to us. Happy week!

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